Do you want to make your chicken more tender and juicy? Brining is a cooking technique that makes a difference in the texture and taste of the chicken. It is basically soaking the chicken in salted water, you can get more creative but that is the basis of it. If you haven’t tried brining we highly recommend it because you will definitely taste the difference.

  1. In a large pot mix water, salt, sugar (optional) and olive oil
  2. Let the sugar and salt dissolve in the water
  3. Over high heat bring the brine to the boil
  4. Allow the bring to cool completely – if you soak the chicken in brine it will create bacteria
  5. Soak the chicken in bring for about an hour or two
  6. Remove the chicken from the brine
  7. Rinse the chicken thoroughly
  8. Let the chicken air dry in the fridge for about an hour – this will help get the skin crispy when you cook it.