I am pretty convinced that 90% of us don’t know how to eat. Eat properly, that is. It’s a sweeping statement, but if you look around the dinner table, how often do you see someone actually pausing in silence and looking as though they are savouring the moment? Not much I’ll bet.  In fact, some [...]

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Turi Foods produces superior chickens, but how do you go about finding the best eggs? You need look no further than your backyard. Keeping laying hens is relatively easy; just provide them with an appropriately sized coop, and some space to forage about in. About six hens is a manageable size for the average domestic [...]

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Kitchen Tips

To become a better chef, you need to constantly learn new tips, tricks and techniques.
We have collected a bunch of useful bits of information that will help not only improve your technique, but also your knowledge when it comes to hygenic food handling and preparation.
Happy cooking!