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This is our first, of a series of food reviews, on Chicken Channel. Our team goes out to try the best chicken meals Australia has to offer. The Chicken Channel’s food reviews are solely based on chicken meals. We have been giving you daily recipes to inspire you and make dinner choices easier. However, Chicken Channel understands that you don’t want to cook every night, going out for dinner or lunch is just as exciting. So tune in every week for a new review and we hope to help bring you closer to good chicken. Mmmmm tasty!

Our first stop takes us to Bridge Road in Richmond, Melbourne. Melbourne is the food hub of Australia, known for it’s diverse culture from Asian to Italian. Bridge Road hosts many restaurants that can take you from brunch all the way through to dinner.  We walked straight into to the obvious chicken restaurant Chicken and Beer. 

Fried chicken and beer. It sounds like a simple concept, but wow, it is executed very well. If you enjoy chicken, beer and friends then Chicken and Beer is for you. The rustic restaurant is a brick and timber building that immediately makes you feel comfortable and ready for a board of chicken wings and beer battered fries.

We decided to try their Tasting Platter which included: spicy buffalo wings, crispy chicken spare ribs, skinny chicken potato, crunchy popcorn chicken (yes popcorn, it’s tasty) and a cold beer. The meal arrived on a big wooden board, the chicken almost blended in. With such a generous portion, we could not wait to jump in using our fingers as cutlery.

The spicy buffalo wings were not too hot, so you could definitely enjoy the flavour. The spare ribs where succulent but, our absolute favourite was the crunchy popcorn chicken. The popcorn chicken is soft on the inside and the flavour pops in your mouth. We warn you that this meal is a must for friends to share, try it alone at your own risk.

Chicken and Beer not only offers plenty of chicken on a wooden board, they also have many deals everyday (except Monday) to help you eat more for less:

  • Tuesdays offer $10 jugs and $5 side,
  • Wednesdays offer $1 wings,
  • Thursday offer $1 honey soy delights,
  • Friday offers $1 ribs and $40 beer towers,
  • Saturday offers half price from 2-5pm only,
  • Sunday offers $20 all you can eat!

Want to eat out tonight? Take a trip to Bridge Road in Richmond to try this unique chicken restaurant and let us know what you thought of the meals. Thank you for tuning into our first food review, till next time.