Have you heard people talking about the hormones in chicken meat? You might think that hormones are ‘fed’ to chickens during the feeding process to make them bigger? Or perhaps that the hormones fed to chickens are causing an outburst of early puberty in young kids today? I can assure you that all of these comments are untrue! The ACMF ( Australia Chicken and Meat Federation) regulate all chicken producers around Australia. In fact, any chicken producers who were to feed hormones to chickens would be performing an illegal act.  The ACMF have created this infographic explaining the hormone confusion.


Some chicken brands are also conscious about processing chickens without using chemicals.  Not only are you protected against unnatural hormones but you have more natural tasting chicken. One chicken producer in particular, La Ionica, use the premium European method of “air chilling”, a process which does not involve the use of traditional spin–chillers filled with ice water and chlorine. Where the spin-chiller process alters appearance, texture and taste, their air-chilling process is what ensures all La Ionica chickens maintain their healthy pink appearance, great natural texture and flavour.

Where you concerned with hormones in chickens? Has this article changed your perspective on the feeding process?